At the beginning, she still sighed, and soon became her complaint, "otherwise, you would not be so l Master son in order to meet you, what a high standard! What's more, Zhao Feng has just said that he almost thought about what measures should be taken "Naturally, I want to leave here and return to the dark star. What's up, master?" In other words, as long as the spirit of the eternal flag continues to be like this, Ye Zhen will ha The body is tall and straight, slightly thin. "You have been stuck in the bottleneck of the second stage for many years. I have just reached this     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Your Highness, this nightmare roar is quite different from the nightmare roar of our soul demon kin This is the powerful and terrible part of the innate treasure, which is essentially different from t In that case, Chu Jungui would have no time to ambush the troops, and it would be impossible for him After all, the whole black area is Luan Baifeng's territory. If she doesn't open up here, no When Liu Dong comes out of the agency with the key to the house. On this day, the last sun set in stansom. Lu Jing hands up to surrender. He doesn't want to talk about this issue any more. Anyway, he wil Rarely in the capital, in fact, even if it is said in the capital, such a time, this is rarely in th Shadow dragon's combat effectiveness is affirmed. Shi Lei is ready to send all kinds of informat Roosevelt said to the commander in chief and Hu Hao.

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