In an instant, there is a magma field that directly fills this camp with hundreds of square meters, Yang opened his head and grinned at him: "any request is OK?" Even if he can play a powerful force beyond imagination at this time, it is impossible to resist it! "Rose, are you pregnant with my father's child?" He's been to the battlefield. He knows what's going on there! The strongest one on their side is xuanyangzi, but it has been proved that xuanyangzi is not his opp Christina had just been bitten by a leech, and now she feels hair all over her body. Is it that he and sunny day have not continued the edge, in his body can continue? "What? Liangqing, do you think you can let me eat that dirty thing, so it's ok?" The next moment, next to the golden light, a golden haired, blue eyed, heroic young girl in Xiyi rec But at this moment, I have no way to deal with this chicken ribs! Feeling almost at peace, Santa Cassie checked dorphy again to make sure she was OK before leaving th He himself is a master level broken, and has level 10 medium-term special ability. How can this guy In all walks of life, there are brokers in all walks of life. Don't worry, Warner Brothers is a real investor, so they won't joke with their own money. " Li Hao looked at it and knew it was not good, so he quickly raised his hand and helped him. Jiang Le right a look, it is Yang Jian and shituxun said: "ah! You two." This said, Erlang God led 200000 soldiers and generals to land on Wuzhi Mountain.

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