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It took him a month to complete the map of the whole array. "I hear he is already a scepter, but I can't see it at all." For their temporary alliance, when there is benefit, everyone can share it. However, if it fails, th "What a charming woman, Han. You like it. I know Anne Leighton just got divorced." Zong Yusheng earned a few chains on his body, only felt that his spiritual power seemed to be sucked No words all the way, from the west gate into the county, straight to the county to learn. Luo Chuan had an impulse to fight with them all the time. As soon as the words fell, the two joined the fight, and Andrew blew out the super quantum cannon as Because he has not met a woman in this world that can make him really excited, but at the moment, he Damn it, I knew that guy had always been a great master of the pit dad world, awakening type Wen Bao "Lin Dian Lord, if not, why did the ancestor come here after death?" After him, the earth fire giant rhinoceros accumulated for thousands of years. Although the demon cl "The vast sky, the star sword of annihilation!" Hong Qianzhang nodded. There is nothing to hide. The future glory, wealth and future of the Shi family are in his hands. "Jingyun, where are they now? Do you have any news from the Ye family?" This is because everyone sensed the breath of Longcan in the arena. It was just a trace of the breat After examining the wound of the other party, he felt a little relieved.

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