Poor Yue Chong is finally dragged back to the ward by Xia Liang and then thrown into bed. Facing each other, Yuan Shao and Li Li have their own thoughts, surging up and down, all kinds of mi Jessica Fuling Ming and Xu Xue both gently cover their red lips. And those who ride these fast horses are the players who pass the customs and transmit the crystal a Otherwise, the gods and spirits will be destroyed! At the command, the whole central square was sealed off. "Ah Chou, if I hide in the mirage dragon bead here, how likely will I be found?" "I think the power of domination is the last test." Mo Zhitao said as he changed his body shape. A middle-aged scholar appeared on the screen and said: In addition to the suspected protagonist, all the other creatures, dead or escaped, have long since Since they are all girlfriends and sisters for so many years, they still speak these private words i "A group of bastards, I want to punish you heavily." The deputy commander also came over: "if possible, please take care of my family..." Looking at the atmosphere for a while, it was a little awkward. Ye Zhen's sarcasm has not finished yet, but is suddenly stunned. The voice of the demon king was getting closer and closer. They helped each other forward. Even though they were very tired, they still followed the footprints

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