"Well, I just came back to zongmen today." Nervous, lying on the ground or corner of the soldiers, immediately fired at its barking direction! "I promise you, I will never pursue your family." Su Hao and Chen Yiran looked at each other, and their hearts were already clear. With Tudor's voice falling down, Shi Lei is stepping in the past. Even Caimeng's face showed a trace of despair. The strength of the middle-aged man also made her "Next time... Well, maybe it's better than building a house!" He has the strongest vision and can see more clearly. Huo Yugang clearly saw resistance from the dean's eyes. To tell the truth, these things add up, Jing is one of my most important family members. This reason makes Li Yunxiao completely speechless and can only smile bitterly. Some of the other dead men behind him were still dead against the winch, others were craned to look These people don't seem to be in the main aisle. If the news is spread to the outside world, even if there are many strong words, they will also fall "OK, you go back first. If there is any new progress in Chen Xiaoping's case, please let me know Seeing this, the young staff just took a look at him and left without saying anything! The old lady with white hair finally couldn't help but roar. "Who dares to enter the holy land of your tan family?"

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